MAC Vendors was designed to scratch our own itch, and hopefully yours too.

Our Story

MACVendors.com and it's API were developed by our team over at Nivel Technologies. We are a small team that loves to create products and services that are a pleasure to use. MACVendors.com was created to scratch our own itch. We launched a product that used a third party MAC address lookup API and the service just wasn't cutting it for us. Instead, we set out to make it right; not only for ourselves, but for all other developers out there. We took a look at how the various API's in the market dropped the ball, and used it to perfect our product.

Custom Builds

Our data is open and free, and we plan to keep it that way. Looking for customized data? Feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we can talk about building a customized interface for you.